Cinco de Mayo Pop-Up Art Show - May 3rd, 2024: A Celebration of Culture and Creativity feasturing Shane Casias

Cinco de Mayo Pop-Up Art Show - May 3rd, 2024: A Celebration of Culture and Creativity feasturing Shane Casias

Get ready to immerse yourself in an evening where culture bursts into vibrant colors and artistic expressions take center stage. This Cinco de Mayo, join us at the Popup Art Show May 3rd from 4pm to 9pm, a spectacular showcase featuring premier artists and jewelers from Northern New Mexico. Shane Casias, our very own master jeweler from Santa Fe, will be one of the stars lighting up the evening with his unique and exquisite creations.

Event Details:
Mark your calendars for an unforgettable night on May 3rd from 4pm to 9pm, 714 N Riverside Dr, Espanola, NM 87532, nestled conveniently between Wells Fargo and Point S. The evening promises a tapestry woven with fun, music, culture, and art, celebrating the spirit of "La Cultura Cura" — Culture Heals.

May 3rd from 4pm to 9pm
714 N Riverside Dr, Espanola, NM 87532

Featured Artists:
Alongside Shane Casias, the event will spotlight a diverse group of talented individuals, including:

  • Brianna Casias
  • Cruz Lopez
  • Diego Lopez
  • Gene Ortega
  • Amy Padilla
  • Janet Medina Rodriguez

These artists represent the best of Northern New Mexico's vibrant art scene, each bringing their unique style and passion to the fore.

A Night to Remember

Prepare to be dazzled by the intricate jewelry designs of Shane Casias, whose pieces are not only adornments but narrations of rich heritage and modern flair. This event is a perfect opportunity for art lovers, culture enthusiasts, and anyone looking to experience the essence of New Mexico’s artistic spirit under one roof.

Experience Art and Community

The Cinco de Mayo Popup Art Show is more than just an event; it's a community celebration that highlights the transformative power of art and culture. It's a chance to meet the artists, learn about their crafts, and perhaps take home a piece that speaks to your soul.

Whether you're a local, a visitor, or an art aficionado, the Popup Art Show on Cinco de Mayo offers a unique blend of experiences bound to captivate and inspire. Join Shane Casias and fellow artists as they display their finest works in an environment filled with festivity and fellowship. Let’s celebrate the culture that heals and the creativity that binds us together!

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