Shane Casias Custom Jewelry Revolution Shines at Cavalera Art Exhibit

Shane Casias Custom Jewelry Revolution Shines at Cavalera Art Exhibit

On the fateful evening of October 13th, 2023, Shane Casias, master of custom jewelry, joined a diverse group of New Mexican artists at the enchanting Cavalera Art Exhibit in Española, New Mexico. The event was a vibrant showcase of artistic talents, from stunning jewelry creations to captivating paintings, wood-carved sculptures, and mesmerizing airbrushing works. As the clock struck 4 pm and the sun dipped below the horizon, the event began, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Shane Casias and his custom jewelry collection were among the highlights of the evening. His artistry, dedication, and passion for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry were on full display. Attendees were mesmerized by his intricate designs, showcasing his unique approach to blending contemporary styles with traditional craftsmanship. The level of artistry in Shane's custom jewelry truly set a new standard, igniting a jewelry revolution.


The event lasted until 9 pm, offering ample time for art enthusiasts to explore the diverse exhibits while being serenaded by music. Attendees savored the flavors of the evening, indulging in glasses of fine wine and beer, all while sampling delicious amuses-bouche. The atmosphere was electric, as conversations flowed and connections were made over shared passions for art.


Nikki Bustos

However, the evening was not just a celebration of artistry; it was also a heartfelt tribute to the late artist, Nikki Bustos. One week before the event, Nikki passed away unexpectedly, leaving a void in the artistic community. In her honor, a dedicated wall displayed her remarkable works and celebrated her kind spirit and exceptional talent. It was a touching moment that reminded everyone of the profound impact artists can have on our lives and the enduring legacy they leave behind.


This evening at the Cavalera Art Exhibit was more than just an art show; it was a testament to the power of creativity, the resilience of the artistic community, and the revolutionary spirit of Shane Casias' custom jewelry. We invite you to explore the art that was on display and immerse yourself in the unique world of Shane Casias' jewelry creations.

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